Dosen dan Tenaga Kependidikan


1. Dewi Puspitasari, M.Pd


NIP. 19790221 200801 2 008

NIDN. 2021027901


 2. Ahmad Burhanuddin, M.A.


NIP. 19851215 201503 1 004

NIDN. 2018128501


3. Chubbi Millatina Rokhuma, M.Pd.


NIP. 19900507 201503 2 005

NIDN. 2007059001


4. Muhammad Jauhari Sofi, M.A.


NIP. 19861226 201801 1 001

NIDN. 2026128602


5. Eros Meilina Sofa, M.Pd.


NITK. 1986 0509 2016 08 D 2104

NIDN. 2009058602


6. Fachri Ali, M.Pd.


NITK. 19890101 201608 D1 114

NIDN. 2001018901



1. Norma Nofianto, M.Pd.



2. Rayinda Eva Rahmah, M.Pd.



1. Hatani, S.Pd.I. (staf)


2. Wirani Atqia, M.Pd. (cados)



1. “Digital Storytelling: Engaging Students in Learning English for Specific Purposes” (Dewi Puspitasari, M.Pd.)

2. Mommy, let’s Sing The Song With Me, Please.. A Narrative Study Of A Young Learner In The Javanese language Inquiry (Dewi Puspitasari, M.Pd.)

3. One’s Facebook Status, A Reflective Self Representation (Dewi Puspitasari, M.Pd.)

4. The Portraits of Indonesian Women in Advertisements Gender dan Seksualitas: Sebuah Perspektif Islam (Dewi Puspitasari,M.Pd.)

5. A Comparative Study on Refusals in English by Indonesians Learners and Native Speakers of English (Ahmad Burhanuddin, M.A.)

6. The Roles of American Values in Creating Differences Among Three Film Adaptations of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick: A Literary Transformation Study (Ahmad Burhanuddin, M.A.)

7. The Effect of “Number Heads Together” vs “Three Minutes Review” on Students’ Vocabulary Mastery (Chubbi Millatina Rokhuma, M.Pd.)

8. A Comparative Study of Using Crossword Puzzles and Quartet Card to Enhance Students’ Vocabulary Mastery (A Case of the 4th Grade Students of MI Al Iman Banaran Gunung Pati) (Chubbi Millatina Rokhuma, M.Pd.)

9. Politics of Female Identify in Traditional Java Through the Prism of Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Gadis Pantai (Muhammad Jauhari Sofi, M.A.)

10. Islamic Values in Higher Education Students’ Communication In Edmodo learning Platform (Eros Meilina Sofa, M.Pd.)

11. Students’ Perceptions of The Implementation of Blended Learning in A Large English Class (Fachri Ali, M.Pd. dan Eros Meilina Sofa, M.Pd.)

12. The Existence of GTM in Teaching English to Current Students (Eros Meilina Sofa, M.Pd.)

13. Incorporating Values of Moderate Islam For The 21st Century Learners In An EFL Class (Fachri Ali, M.Pd.)

14. The Effect of Persuasive Writing Organizer and Dictogloss Strategies for Teaching Analytical Exposition Text Writing To Students With High and Low Anxiety (Fachri Ali, M.Pd.)

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